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Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is a heinous yet frequent crime whose victims can be hard to identify. Securus Technologies initially partnered with In Our Backyard during the 2017 Super Bowl to help identify these crimes and aid in recovery of the vulnerable victims of Human Trafficking. Securus and In Our Backyard continued their partnership, recently completing their 4th Super Bowl task force efforts to help identify Human Traffickers and bring them to justice during the most popular sporting event in the world.

Hudson Link Partnership

Aventiv is proud to partner with Hudson Link to help support and amplify education efforts in NYSDOCCS facilities. This incredible program – led by previously incarcerated, Sean Pica – is changing lives on the inside of facilities as well as helping those released secure housing and employment. Education and knowledge is key to success, and Hudson Link is an exemplary program for delivering both to incarcerated loved ones.

Dallas County Partnership

Securus Technologies has entered into a partnership with Dallas County detention centers to provide each incarcerated individual a tablet to help keep them connected with their families.

Family Time and Tales

Securus understands that there is nothing more important than family, which is why we partnered with Leon County to launch the Family Time and Tales program, providing free video connect sessions at the LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library.  Families enrolled in the program can schedule video sessions so children can visit the library and select a book to read to their incarcerated parents, fostering strong relationships and encouraging children to read.

Freedom Rides

We continue to invest in reentry programs by supporting Louisiana-based non-profit, Freedom Rides, with a donation to give it’s first road-ready vehicle to Alisha Disotell, who was previously incarcerated.  Freedom Rides founder, Benito Castro, conceived of the program while he was enrolled in Lantern, Securus’ post-secondary education platform, while serving time at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.  The donated vehicle will help Miss Disotell commute between jobs and she plans on offering rides to other women enrolled in her parole program.